Home Watch Services:

Home Watch Service

TriCheck’s Home Watch Services provide a visual inspection of the inside and outside of your home at regular intervals while you are away.  Our services help prevent small problems from becoming BIG problems and provide piece of mind when you are away.    

Trust a professional, licensed home inspector to watch your home.  Well-meaning neighbors and friends may be happy to check on things while you are away, but a Home Watch Service professional has the training and experience to more quickly identify and respond to potential problems within the home.

TriCheck's Home Watch Service includes:

  • Visual inspection of the exterior of the home for any damage or unusual conditions, such as downed limbs, blocked vents, wind damage, and signs of intrusion.

  • Check all windows and exterior doors are secure.

  • Inspect for obvious signs of insect infestation or pest presence.

  • Check space temperature meets unoccupied expectations.

  • Check heating system working (in winter).

  • Check main electric panel for tripped breakers.

  • Check for roof leaks.

  • Check fill level of propane or oil tank (if applicable).

  • Check refrigerator and freezers are working.

  • Check for plumbing leaks.

    • Check under sinks.

    • Check ceilings for plumbing leaks.

    • Check hot water radiators/baseboard.

    • Check hot water heaters.

    • Check boilers.

    • Check refrigerator/icemaker.

    • Check washing machine connections.

  • Keep plumbing traps primed to prevent sewer gases entering the home.

    • Run water in sinks and baths.

    • Flush toilets.

  • Check outdoor hot tub heat working (in winter).

  • Check any accessible sump pumps are operational.

  • Gather mail/flyers/newspapers.


Additional items can be added to the checklist based on your individual needs.


After every Home Watch visit, you will receive a text or email with status of the home at the time of the visit.  You will be contacted immediately for any issues or concerns that need to be addressed quickly.

  • Home Watch Service Area Coverage:

    • Troy, Brunswick, North Greenbush, Watervliet, Green Island, Menands

    • Call for other location availability and pricing. 

  • Other services available depending on your needs:

    • Handyman/Repair Services

    • Emergency Call Services

    • Contractor Access and Collaboration Services

    • Storm Follow-Up Services

$30 Setup Fee and $40 per visit

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